Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Inconvenient Ride Update

"An Inconvenient Ride," a cross-country bicycle ride by 6 high school students from Seattle, WA to raise awareness about global warming, will be coming through the Rogue Valley on April 19th!

They'll be coming up from Arcada, CA and into Ashland around 12:00p, where they'll be participating in some of the activities at the environmental fair in Ashland that day. From there, they'll be coming up Hwy 99 through Talent and Phoenix to Medford. They'll be coming up Riverside to Main St. and will be meeting up with Gary Wheeler and some members of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee in front of City Hall before continuing on to Jacksonville.

They should be arriving at about 2:00p, and leaving around 3:00p, after some photographs and such.

So come out and show your support, give them a hand, and some encouragement!


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