Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Some technical info

So, since I haven't really had anywhere to go lately, I've been hanging around the house tinkering with the bike.

Here's my baby....

As I said earlier, it's a Cannondale Adventure 400 touring bike with 24 speeds, front and seat shocks, and mostly Shimano components. The trunk bag is pretty standard and has my spare tube, "fix-a-flat for bikes," a compressed air insta-flator, a first aid kit, an extra lock and chain, my multi tool, my light system, and an emergency power bar.

I usually commute with my two Axiom Journey series Mackenzie panniers. They hold most of my stuff pretty well, but I'm looking to upgrade because eventually, I would like to tour a little around Oregon...once I get my butt in shape.

I also have a couple collapsible fabric baskets for the back rack, and the large black thing on the handlebars is a front basket mount for when I do the grocery thing.

Some things I'm looking at in the future are a Nomad trailer so I can haul a few more groceries and a new lighting system for the front, something dual-beam.

That's all for this post, until next time.